• Are you an aspirant entrepreneur? Or do you have experience in running a business up to three years?

Prepare your CV and business plan and come to be part of a network of over 18.000 entrepreneurs allover Europe.

  • Are you an entrepreneur with over 3 years of experience? Do you wish to increase your network of contacts? Do you need to know more about the market in a different European country? Do you wish to sell your products abroad with the help of a local contact?

Prepare you business plan and join the programme. See more in the “how” section below. But remember we are always at your disposal. Write to manager@erasmus-entrepreneurs.info.Remember to also join us on facebook.



Main steps to follow to participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

  1. Prepare your application documents: curriculum vitae, motivation and, in addition for the new entrepreneurs, a business plan;
  2. Check the questionnaire HERE before registering
  3. Register via the online form (HERE) and submit your CV and business plan (for new entrepreneurs only);
  4. Build a relationship with a new or host entrepreneur abroad (two options):
    • You suggest to your local contact point a new or host entrepreneur with whom you are already in contact,
    • You look for a new or host entrepreneur in the online catalogue with the help of your local contact point.
  5. Reach an agreement with your new or host entrepreneur about the work and learning project (i.e. about the dates, objectives and activity plan of the exchange) and submit the details to your local contact point;
  6. Signature of Commitment to Quality: A Commitment to Quality (link) should be (digitally) signed by all partners involved in the relationship. As a new entrepreneur, you should equally conclude a funding agreement with your local contact point;
  7. Start of the stay abroad: The duration of the exchange may be from 1 to 6 months with the possibility of dividing the stay into weekly slots (providing the time span does not exceed a total of 12 months);
  8. The financial assistance to the new entrepreneur will be provided in several payments, according to the agreement signed with his/her local contact point.

This programme is funded by the European Commission.